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Vol 70 (2003): Political Ecology The Political Ecology of War and Resource Exploitation Abstract   PDF
Phillippe leBillon
Vol 15 (1984): Issue #15 The Political Economy of Joseph Schumpeter Abstract   PDF
John Bellamy Foster
Vol 75 (2005): Out of Bounds The Political Economy of Law-and-Order Policies: Policing, Class Struggle, and Neoliberal Restructuring Abstract   PDF
Todd Gordon
Vol 56 (1998): Contexts of Gendered Work/Urban Governance in Toronto The Political Economy of Part Time Work Abstract   PDF
Henry Veltmeyer, James Sacouman
Vol 90 (2012): The Politics of Protest The Political Economy of Participatory Democracy in Brazil: A Case Study of Lages, 1977–1982 Abstract   PDF
J. Ricardo Tranjan
Vol 6 (1981): Special Issue: Rethinking Canadian Political Economy The Political Economy Tradition and Canadian Federalism Abstract   PDF
Garth Stevenson
Vol 73 (2004): Governing The Body The Politics of Abortion and the Commodification of the Fetus Abstract   PDF
Joanne Boucher
Vol 12 (1983): Issue #12 The Politics of Culture and Information: Kent and Applebert in Review Abstract   PDF
Editorial Board
Vol 14 (1984): Issue #14 The Politics of Labour Force Reproduction: Funding Canada's Social Wage, 1917-1946 Abstract   PDF
Bob Russell
Vol 28 (1989): Issue #28 The Politics of Limited Pluralism: West Germany as a Paradigmatic Case Abstract   PDF
Thomas Hueglin
Vol 91 (2013): Resource Politics The Politics of Representation and the Problem of Loyalties within Feminist Research: Revisiting the Position/Location of Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak’s "Native Informant" Abstract   PDF
Jacinthe Michaud
Vol 7 (1982): Issue #7 The Politics of Surplus Labour in the Collapse of Canada's Dependence on Britain Abstract   PDF
Carl Cuneo
Vol 9 (1982): Issue #9 The Politics of Theory and the Concept of Class: E.P. Thompson and his Critics Abstract   PDF
Ellen Meiksins Wood
Vol 87 (2011): The Arab Uprising The Preponderance of Finance and the Present Crisis Abstract   PDF
Andrea Micocci
Vol 29 (1989): Perestroika The Profits of War and the Politics of Peace Abstract   PDF
Donald Wells
Vol 42 (1993): Issue #42 The Public Sector Impasse and the Administrative Question Abstract   PDF
Gregory Albo
Vol 90 (2012): The Politics of Protest The Quebec Election: Spring Upsurge Echoes, but Faintly Abstract   PDF
Richard Fidler
Vol 43 (1994): Issue #43 The Radical Potential of the European Community's Equality Legislation Abstract   PDF
Wendy McKeen
Vol 52 (1997): The Question of Governance The Relations of Economic Integration in The Making of Canadian Defence Policy Abstract   PDF
Ann Denholm Crosby
Vol 46 (1995): Issue #46 The Relatively Autonomous State: The Italian Case Abstract   PDF
Grant Amyot
Vol 61 (2000): Challenging the Status Quo The Restructuring of the Health Care System in Quebec: Its Impact on the Women's Health Movement Abstract   PDF
Jacinthe Michaud
Vol 53 (1997): Special Issue: Privatization The Retreat of the State and Long-Term Care Provision: Implications for Frail Elderly People, Unpaid Family Carers and Paid Home Care Workers Abstract   PDF
Jane Aronson, Sheila M. Neysmith
Vol 4 (1980): Issue #4 The Rise and Fall of Full Employment Capitalism Abstract   PDF
Nixon Apple
Vol 38 (1992): After the End of History The Rise and Fall of Soviet and Eastern European Communism: In Historical Perspective Abstract   PDF
Andrej Kreutz
Vol 39 (1992): Issue #39 The Rise and Fall of the Swedish Model Abstract   PDF
Rudolf Meidner
Vol 3 (1980): Issue #3 The Separation of Form and Content in Liberal Democratic Politics Abstract   PDF
Claus Offe
Vol 66 (2001): Issue #66 The Shaping of Political Agency: Feminism and the National Social Policy Debate, the 1970s and Early 1980s Abstract   PDF
Wendy McKeen
Vol 25 (1988): Issue #25 The Significance of the Newly Industrialising Countries for the Development Debate Abstract   PDF
Manfred Bienefeld
Vol 60 (1999): Issue #60 The South Korean Economic Crisis: Contrasting Interpretations and an Alternative for Economic Reform Abstract   PDF
Soohaeng Kim, Bokhyun Cho
Vol 32 (1990): Issue #32 The State and Democracy in Underdeveloped Capitalist Formations Abstract   PDF
Haldun Gulalp
Vol 23 (1987): Issue #23 The State and Labour Markets: Towards a Comparative Political Economy of Unemployment Abstract   PDF
Steven McBride
Vol 71/72 (2003): Internalizing Global Capitalism The Strange Politics of Canada's NAMU Debate Abstract   PDF
Eric Helleiner
Vol 17 (1985): Issue #17 The Struggle for Capitalism in the Fishing Industry in Newfoundland Abstract   PDF
Bryant O. Fairley
Vol 41 (1993): Changes in Global Relations The Struggle for State Health Insurance: Reconsidering the Role of Saskatchewan Farmers Abstract   PDF
Harley D. Dickinson
Vol 83 (2009): Finance and Democracy The Stucture of Betrayal: Trade Union Bureaucracy and Public Sector Struggles in British Columbia Abstract   PDF
Chris Hurl
Vol 64 (2001): Resisting Capitalism The Success of Being Dangerous: Resisting Free Trade and Investment Regimes Abstract   PDF
Gerard Greenfield
Vol 28 (1989): Issue #28 The Swedish Labour Movement at the Crossroads: Interview with Rudolf Meidner Abstract   PDF
Rudolf Meidner
Vol 38 (1992): After the End of History The Thrills and Chills of Postmodernism: The Western Intellectual Vertigo Abstract   PDF
Banu Helvacioglu
Vol 88 (2011): Contemporary Transformations The Transformation of Contemporary Capitalism and the Concept of a Transnational Capitalist Class: A Critical Review in Neo-Poulantzian Perspective Abstract   PDF
Joachim Hirsch, Jens Wissel
Vol 35 (1991): Issue #35 The Trouble with Subjects: Feminism, Marxism and the Questions of Poststructuralism Abstract   PDF
Eleanor MacDonald
Vol 77 (2006): Neoliberalism and Globalization in Africa Cities and the New Urban Agenda The Tyranny of Single Performance Measures: Financial Accounting's "Operating Ratio" and the Privatization of Canadian National Railway Abstract   PDF
Joel Amernic, Russell Craig
Vol 19 (1986): Issue #19 The Vicissitudes of West German Social Democracy in the Crisis of the 1980's Abstract   PDF
Andrei S. Markovits
Vol 32 (1990): Issue #32 The Waffle and Canadian Political Economy Abstract   PDF
Rianne Mahon
Vol 32 (1990): Issue #32 The Waffle and Quebec Abstract   PDF
Pat Smart
Vol 33 (1990): Issue #33 The Waffle and the Labour Movement Abstract   PDF
Gilbert Levine
Vol 32 (1990): Issue #32 The Waffle and the National Question Abstract   PDF
Mel Watkins
Vol 33 (1990): Issue #33 The Waffle and the Women's Movement Abstract   PDF
Varda Burstyn
Vol 32 (1990): Issue #32 The Waffle's Impact on the New Democratic Party Abstract   PDF
John Smart
Vol 51 (1996): Intersections in the New Political Economy The Womb is to the Nation as the Heart is to the Body: Ethnopolitical Discourses of the Canadian Indigenous Women's Movement Abstract   PDF
Jo-Anne Fiske
Vol 85 (2010): Social Movements & Economies The World Economic Crisis and the Federal Reserve's Response to It: August 2007-December 2008 Abstract   PDF
Christopher Rude
Vol 66 (2001): Issue #66 The World Social Forum at Porto Alegre and the People's Summit at Quebex City: A View from the Ground Abstract   PDF
Harriet Friedmann
Vol 75 (2005): Out of Bounds Theorizing Globalization in a Time of War Abstract   PDF
Mary Hawkesworth
Vol 7 (1982): Issue #7 There Is Nothing Simple About Simple Commodity Production Abstract   PDF
Jacques Chevalier
Vol 68 (2002): Challenging Theories Three Interventions and Cultural Difference, Language, Theory and Progressive Politics: A Review Essay Abstract   PDF
Peter Ives
Vol 90 (2012): The Politics of Protest Throwing Bricks at a Brick Wall: The G20 and the Antinomies of Protest Abstract   PDF
Chris Samuel
Vol 21 (1986): Issue #21 Too Many Blindspots on the Media Abstract   PDF
Michael A. Lebowitz
Vol 56 (1998): Contexts of Gendered Work/Urban Governance in Toronto Toronto in the 1990s: Dissociated Governance? Abstract   PDF
Roger Keil
Vol 61 (2000): Challenging the Status Quo Towards a Diversity Beyond Tolerance Abstract   PDF
Kiran Mirchandani, Evangelia Tastsoglou
Sharon R. Roseman, Pauline Gardiner Barber, Barbara Neis
Vol 8 (1982): Issue #8 Towards a Marxian Theory of Canadian Federalism Abstract   PDF
Anne Legare
Vol 40 (1993): Post-Fordist States and Regional Blocs Towards a Schumpeterian Workfare State? Preliminary Remarks on Post-Fordist Political Economy Abstract   PDF
Bob Jessop
Vol 80 (2007): Bread and Water Politics Toyotaism Meets the 60-Hour Work Week: Coercion, Consent, and the Regulation of Working Time Abstract   PDF
Mark Thomas
Vol 33 (1990): Issue #33 Trade and Class Revisited Abstract   PDF
Michael Lebowitz
Vol 27 (1988): Issue #27 Trade and Class: Labour Strategies in a World of Strong Capital Abstract   PDF
Michael Lebowitz
Vol 69 (2002): Issue #69 Tribute to Pierre Bourdieu Abstract   PDF
Tassadit Yacine
Vol 85 (2010): Social Movements & Economies Tribute to Professor Paul Phillips (1938-2008) Abstract   PDF
John Loxley
Vol 12 (1983): Issue #12 Two Hands for the Clock: Changing Patterns in the Gendered Division of Labour Abstract   PDF
Meg Luxton
Vol 46 (1995): Issue #46 Two Theories of the Press: Instrumental and Social Construction Themes in Recent News Analysis Abstract   PDF
Edward T. Silva
Vol 9 (1982): Issue #9 Underdevelopment and Social Movements in Atlantic Canada: A Critique Abstract   PDF
James Bickerton
Vol 11 (1983): Special Issue: The Crisis Understanding the Significance of the Great Depression Abstract   PDF
John Bellamy Foster
Vol 47 (1995): Issue #47 Unequal Partnerships: The Politics of Canada's Relations with the Third World Abstract   PDF
Laura Macdonald
Vol 28 (1989): Issue #28 Unfree Labour and Canadian Capitalism: The Incorporation of Polish War Veterans Abstract   PDF
Vic Satzewich
Vol 29 (1989): Perestroika Union Freedoms: Challenging the Assault Abstract   PDF
Cliff Andstein
Vol 74 (2004): Politics in The Age of NAFTA Union Myths, Enigmas, and Other Tales: Five Challenges for Union Renewal Abstract   PDF
Gregor Murray
Vol 74 (2004): Politics in The Age of NAFTA Union Organizing: An Ontario Labour Perspective Abstract   PDF
Chris Schenk
Vol 56 (1998): Contexts of Gendered Work/Urban Governance in Toronto Unsertanding Marriage, Property and Labour Relations in Native Mexico: New Feminist Approaches to the Household Abstract   PDF
Veronica Vazquez Garcia
Vol 86 (2010): The New Inequality Unworthy Citizens, Poverty, and the Media: A Study in Marginalized Voices and Oppositional Communication Abstract   PDF
Kirsten Kozolanka
Vol 16 (1985): Issue #16 Urban Politics and the Local State Abstract   PDF
Warren Magnussen
Vol 77 (2006): Neoliberalism and Globalization in Africa Cities and the New Urban Agenda Vancouver's 2002 Municipal Election: Growth Coalition Defeated Abstract   PDF
Cornelia Sussmann
Vol 57 (1998): The State and Regulation Vectors of Identity: Determination, Association, and Intervention Abstract   PDF
Eleanor MacDonald
Vol 45 (1994): Issue #45 "Volvoism" at the End of the Road? Abstract   PDF
Åke Sandberg
Vol 32 (1990): Issue #32 Wage Solidarity and Equal Value: Or Gender and Class in the Structuring of Work Place Hierarchies Abstract   PDF
Rosemary Warskett
Vol 80 (2007): Bread and Water Politics Water Politics and the Construction of Scale Abstract   PDF
Andrew Biro
Vol 25 (1988): Issue #25 Weak Bodies, Strong Wills: The Empirical Evidence for Marx's Theory of Worktime Abstract   PDF
Chris Nyland
Vol 55 (1998): Latin America Update Welfare Reform under Ontario's NDP: Social Democracy and Social Group Representation Abstract   PDF
Byron Sheldrick
Vol 71/72 (2003): Internalizing Global Capitalism What Future for the Loonie? Introduction to Forum on North American Monetary Integration Abstract   PDF
Jim Stanford
Vol 84 (2009): Institutional Contradictions What is Economic Democracy? An Inquiry into French Cooperatives Abstract   PDF
Damien Rousselière
Vol 19 (1986): Issue #19 What is the Cold War About and Why is it Still With Us? Abstract   PDF
Reg Whitaker
Vol 96 (2015): Class and State What the Left Can Learn from Occupy Wall Street Abstract   PDF
James K. Rowe, Myles Carroll
Vol 75 (2005): Out of Bounds "Whatever It Takes": Poor People's Organizing, OCAP, and Social Struggle Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Greene
Vol 56 (1998): Contexts of Gendered Work/Urban Governance in Toronto Where Women's Efforts Count: The 1996 Census Campaign and "Family Politics" in Canada Abstract   PDF
Meg Luxton, Leah F. Vusko
Vol 18 (1985): Existing Socialism Who are the Metis? Abstract   PDF
David Boisvert, Keith Turnbull
Vol 39 (1992): Issue #39 "Who has the baby?" Nationalism, pronatalism and the construction of a "demographic crisis" in Quebec 1960-1988 Abstract   PDF
Heather Jon Maroney
Vol 77 (2006): Neoliberalism and Globalization in Africa Cities and the New Urban Agenda "Whose Needs are Being Served?" Quantitative Metrics and the Reshaping of Social Services Abstract   PDF
Donna Baines
Vol 60 (1999): Issue #60 Why Were We Bombing Yugoslavia? Abstract   PDF
Paul Phillips
Vol 68 (2002): Challenging Theories "Woman" Abstract   PDF
Sarah De Vries
Vol 30 (1989): Feminism and Political Economy Women and Clerical Work: Revisiting Class and Gender Abstract   PDF
Rosemary Warskett
Vol 10 (1983): Issue #10 Women's Work: Domestic and Wage Labour in a Nova Scotia Community Abstract   PDF
M Patricia Connelly, Martha MacDonald
Vol 21 (1986): Issue #21 Work and Consciousness Abstract   PDF
Errol Black
Vol 37 (1992): Canadian Political Economy Faces the 21st Century Worker Participation in Health and Safety Regulation: Some Lessons from Sweden Abstract   PDF
Eric Tucker
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